Shir Delight
A Journey Through the Song of Songs

with Rabbi Shefa Gold and Rachmiel O'Regan

$18.00 (Shipping Included)


Shir Delight


*See note from Shefa below

5. Heviani el beyt hayayyin, v'diglo alai ahava.
He brought me to the tavern and his banner over me is Love.
The tavern is the place where the intoxication of Love allows me
to surrender an aspect of my will and my illusion of separateness.
Then I can be wholly claimed by Love.



* Friends,

We are so happy to announce the release of a new CD, Shir Delight! A Journey through the Song of Songs. I completed this project after a two year immersion in the study of this ancient text. During this time I translated the ancient Hebrew into English, and composed 8 chants using a phrase from each chapter of the text. On Shir Delight! I weave the ancient Hebrew with the English translation which is recited by myself and my beloved, Rachmiel. He also adds an inspired rhythm with an African drum on the recording. This CD was recorded at Nevessa, one of the best studios in Woodstock, NY, home of many great musicians. A number of those musicians have added their talent to Shir Delight!

From the liner notes:

"Shir HaShirim, The Song of Songs, also called the Song of Solomon or Canticles is an ancient text, revered by poets, mystics and lovers alike. At the Council of Yavneh in the year 90 C.E., there was an argument about whether to include Shir Hashirim in the canon of Holy books that make up the Torah. "After all," it was argued, "it is all about sex... God is not mentioned once... they're singing it in all the taverns!" In passionate defense of its inclusion, Rabbi Akiva, a great mystic of his time, rose up and declared that the whole Torah is Holy, but the Song of Songs is the "Holy of Holies." This means that it must be placed at the center of our concerns, as the core text of our spiritual life. He also said that had the Torah not been given, we could live our lives by the Song of Songs. The Song of Songs is about relationship. It is about the giving and receiving of Love. Though the Song of Songs describes a very human relationship, it is pointing towards all relationship, most importantly our relationship with God, that Mystery that shines forth from within and beyond this world. When Love flows freely between that Great Mystery and us, the whole world is watered and nourished. You are invited to enter the realm of Shir HaShirim, and become Lovers of Life itself."

This CD feels so intimate and has had a powerful effect on our lives and love. We'd love to hear how it touches you. Please help us spread the word about Shir Delight! by telling your friends and asking stores in your area to order it through our distributor,

We wrote in the liner notes:

"To our brother and sister Journeyers: We have felt so incredibly blessed to bring Shir Delight! into being. This journey of Love is a moment-to-moment passionate, sensuous, Nature-revealing, wondrous, awe-filled, ecstatic encounter with the Divine. Shir HaShirim is a jewel at the heart of Jewish wisdom. We offer it to all peoples of all religions or no religion, of all spiritual traditions that call us to the path of Love and Presence. This path is about the cultivation, strengthening and deepening of our own personal relationship with the Great Love, the Divine Mystery. May every relationship in our lives be a reflection of that Great Love."

With brightest of Blessings,

Shefa and Rachmiel


Rabbi Shefa can be reached by email at:

Rachmiel O'Regan can be reached by email at:

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